The subways have seen their fair share of weirdness over the decades. That is not new. But there may be few acts of odd behavior that go beyond this latest incident. Is this an elaborate prank, or something more sinister? What are people thinking?

Gothamist had reported that someone had been spreading peanut butter all over the poles on the A train in January 2019. Witnesses reported at least three incidents of peanut butter smeared all over the poles of the subway. As of now, no one was ever caught, nor was there ever any reason given why someone would do this. Maybe because New York is weird and full of weird people? Now it appears after leaving commuters both confused and a bit unnerved, the peanut butter bandit is back. Laura Kay told Gothamist

One man sitting near me had sat down and had peanut butter on his bag, and another passenger tried to point it out to help him, which was when I noticed it...

MTA spokesperson Andrei Berman said:

Don’t do this. It’s irresponsible and inconsiderate and can be harmful to people who have peanut allergies.  Anyone who witnesses this happening should contact MTA personnel.

Some were said to have been oblivious to the smearing. Of course, while this may have been a minor annoyance, commuters are more than likely thankful the substance in question was only peanut butter and not something else. 

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