About 100 feet below the streets of Poughkeepsie lies a hidden cave where giant fish are swimming around right now. It sounds crazy, but there's video to prove it.

According to Spelunking HQ, a cave exploring website, the cavern has several names including "The Lost Dutchman's Cave," "The Poughkeepsie Seers Cave" and "Davis' Refuge Cave." Video shows the cave to be .02 miles under the surface of the City of Poughkeepsie with a ceiling height of 36 to 60 inches. The bottom of the pitch-black cave is filled with water that ranges from 1 to 3 feet, depending upon the section.

On the day this video was taken the photographer saw a 14 inch largemouth bass and an 18 inch sucker fish swimming around. The spelunker jokes, "note to self: next time bring a fishing pole."

The forgotten Poughkeepsie cave looks to be some sort of old tunnel. There is even a small bypass tunnel that goes around the main cave and beyond by about 200 feet:

As for the exact location of the cave, it remains a mystery; and probably for good reason. One video shows just how tight access to the underground Poughkeepsie labyrinth can get. I imagine those who don't have experience exploring caves could get themselves in an extremely dangerous situation.

We reached out to the original photographer of these videos for more information on the hidden Poughkeepsie cave. If we hear back we will updated this page with more information.