This is another reason why a lot of people don't like riding the subway.

A woman riding the J train in Jamaica, Queens  woke up to some guy urinating all over her face ealry Thursday morning. The NY Post said the woman had her eyes closed and was listening to music when she felt a stream of liquid hitting her in the face.

Sure, urinating on the subway in New York is probably nothing new. But this takes it to a whole new sick level.

As if the drunken fights, ranting wack jobs, and exotic animals on the loose weren't enough.

The unidentified pisser reportedly exited the train at the Cypress Hill station and escaped. Fortunately the poor woman wasn't hurt after the embarrassing ordeal. The unsolicited golden shower was reported to police.

They are looking for information on the suspect who is said to stand about 5'3'' and was seen wearing a red shirt and black pants.