This is why a lot of people don't like riding the subway. At least they got the appropriate train number for such an act.

The NY Post is reporting that the disgusting act happened around 10 a.m. Monday morning. says that a passenger smeared feces on the outside of the two train cars.

Passengers told the conductor as the train approached the Borough Hall station in Brooklyn. That's when the conductor made the announcement over the loudspeaker that the train was out of service due to "sanitation and hygiene issues".

All passengers were told to exit and wait for the next available train. MTA officials were not amused: 

We are completely disgusted, and we have no idea why anyone would do this to their fellow New Yorkers. The cars were immediately removed from service and cleaned.

Police have not identified the person (or persons) who brought the s**t storm to the unsuspecting subway riders, but they are currently investigating.