A new SNL cast member was hired and then suddenly fired because of some jokes he told. Once again, lots of people are whining that you can't joke about anything anymore, but that's just not true.

Here's the deal; We live in America and you can joke about any topic you like. The last I checked, there weren't any people in prison for making rude or distasteful jokes. Well, maybe except for an idiot or two who thought that telling the TSA agent he had a bomb in his pants would be a hilarious prank.

Shane Gillis' firing from SNL is just the latest in a long line of comedians who lost their jobs because people didn't like their jokes. But that doesn't mean he's still not allowed to joke about whatever he wants. Last year Kevin Hart was let go from as Oscars host after people got upset at some his jokes; Roseanne Barr lost her new TV show because of some tweets people didn't like very much and backlash from Dave Chappell's latest Netfilx special has everyone asking "why can't we joke about anything anymore?"

But the truth is that you can still joke about whatever you want. And guess what? Audiences are still allowed to like it or not. Comedian Ricky Gervais, who has faced his own share of protests over jokes people didn't like very much, calls it a "good system" and I happen to agree.

I'm not a standup comedian, but I do say silly things for four hours a day to a live audience. During that time I can say whatever I want, but I know that my audience can also decide to turn the dial whenever they want. If I make dumb jokes that get people mad, they should absolutely stop listening. And if my bosses think that the topics I talk about aren't appealing to radio listeners, they would be stupid not to fire me. That's what happens when you decide to entertain as a living. If you're going to rely on joke-telling as your sole income, you better supply jokes that people actually want to hear.

You're not going to get far by offering a product that offends the tastebuds of the majority of your customers.

Saying that professional comedians can't joke about whatever they want is just as misguided as saying that beer brewers can't make whatever styles of beer they want. Hey, if you only want to sell seaweed flavored IPAs with anchovies and garlic that's your right, but don't expect bars to give you a tap line or supermarkets to stock your cans. Sure, there are probably a small group of people who love your fishy garlic beer, but that doesn't mean the whole world has to support your business. If you want to make a living selling beer, you're not going to get far by offering a product that offends the tastebuds of the majority of your customers.

So yes, Shane Gillis can talk in a stereotypical Asian accent and make jokes about race all he wants. But SNL certainly doesn't have to give him shelf space to sell his jokes and audiences are totally allowed to think he's terrible.

It really is a good system.

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