Which commercials had the biggest impact on Hudson Valley sports fans this year?

This morning we polled the WPDH listeners to find out which ads were your favorites during the Super Bowl. While there was lots of buzz around Mr. Peanut being killed off, we found out that the viral campaign was all just a prank. Of course, peanuts can't really die, they just grow back. So now we've got a baby peanut to deal with. Tom Brady's Hulu spot has lots of fans scratching their heads this morning, wondering if it was really an announcement that he's not retiring. And the never-ending Tide commercial starring Charlie Day kept us on our toes, wondering what commercial we were really watching.

According to our listeners, however, these were commercials were the best of the best during Super Bowl LIV.

#1 - Bill Murray's Groundhog Day commercial for Jeep


#2 - Jason Mamoa's Rocket Mortgage spot


#3 - Google's "Loretta" commercial


#4 - Hyundai "Smaht Pahk"


#5 - Bud Light Seltzer's Inside Post Malone's Brain

Were these commercials also your favorites? Let us know which ad you thought was the best in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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