The legalization of recreational marijuana is something that many in the state of New York feel very passionately about. As lawmakers continue to investigate the benefits, while attempting to jump through endless bureaucratic loopholes, some neighboring states are enjoying the freedom. Of course, with freedom comes responsibility.

A substitute teacher in the state of Massachusetts has found out the hard way. According to WHDH, this particular teacher decide to light up a toke in front of a class full of high school students. The incident happened Monday afternoon at North Attleborough High School.

The incident at North Attleborough High School was entirely unexpected and unprecedented and it was in no way a reflection of the great students, faculty, staff, and families of this great school and community,

Maybe the teacher's heart was in the right place, but blazin' up in front of a class probably isn't the best idea. Next time wait until you get home. There is no word if charges will be filed, though it's safe to say this substitute probably won't be getting many more hours at this particular school again.

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