Not long after New York state failed to legalize recreational marijuana, Governor Andrew Cuomo met with other governors from the northeast to potentially iron a plan moving forward to legalize pot.

The NY Daily News says that Cuomo met with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont to discuss a plan about marijuana, as well as addressing the recent vaping controversy. One of the reasons for the joint (sorry, no pun intended) summit was the close proximity of all the states, and the fact that many residents cross the borders on a daily basis for work or other reasons.

CBS said that the regional summit was held at the Times Square Hilton.

Representatives from Massachusetts, where many New Yorkers go to get legal weed at the shops near the border, were also on hand. The move also comes shortly after two Pennsylvania senators introduced Senate Bill 350, which some call the "gold standard" for legalization bills.

This bill is fantastic. It prioritizes the cannabis consumer and corrects some serious social justice problems. If it passes, it could become the gold standard legalization bill for the free world.

Gov. Cuomo said about the conference:

It is probably one of the most challenging issues that I know I’ve had to address in the state of New York. It is complicated, it is controversial and it is consequential.


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