Alright, Hudson Valley, we need an intervention.

It's time to stop spitting in public. It's something we probably shouldn't even need to bring up, but clearly there are people who need to know just how disgusting they are.

During our weekly "Ticked Off Tuesday" segment John from Tivoli called in with his gripe about people who decide to spit on the sidewalk. The complaint immediately hit a nerve. There's no denying that this nasty practice is a scourge that is all too common around the Hudson Valley.

The other day I was in a local parking lot when a man walked right past me and made that nasty "hocking" noise, pulling up phlegm and god knows what else from the back of his throat. Then, as casually as someone tipping their hat to a pretty lady, he launched the ball of disgustingness into the air, making it land in the middle of the pavement with a splat.

People who would be mortified if someone saw them picking their nose or scratching their butt in public seem to have no problem spraying their goobers all over the place. The coronavirus scare has people ransacking stores for the last containers of hand sanitizer and Clorox. Here's an idea; if you really want to be sanitary maybe just stop spitting on a crowded street? it's just a suggestion.

Look, we're all trying to have a society here. Please, I implore you. Don't hock up phlegm and spit it out on the street. You're making the rest of the Hudson Valley look bad. It's embarrassing that we even have to have this discussion.

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