Local parents were horrified to learn that their children may have been exposed to bedbugs at a local high school.

One of the worst things a parent can hear is that their child's school is infected with lice. Well, you can now add another fear to your list: bedbugs. It's not very common for bedbugs to spread throughout a school, but it does happen from time to time.

Last week the Cornwall Central School District had to break the news to parents that some students were exposed to bedbugs. In a letter from Megan Argenio, the districts
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, a pest management team was brought into the high school in New Windsor to help eradicate the bedbugs.

Bed Bug Summit Held Near Chicago
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Bug-sniffing K-9s were used to identify the location of the bedbugs and it was determined that they were isolated to two areas within the school. Parents of any children who were in those areas were informed of the possible exposure to help prevent the spreading the bugs any further.

A "two-step process" was being applied on Friday to eliminate the bugs. Argenio attempted to address parents' fears, insisting that the bedbugs were not a widespread problem.

As to clear some concerns, it's important to share that at no time was this situation perceived to be an infestation, but rather a controlled and isolated situation.

The high school remained open on Friday as the two rooms infected with bedbugs were being treated.

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