Well, this is weird. Trying to meet new people during global pandemic can be challenging enough. But now, a new study is recommending people hooking up wear face masks while having sex. Now for some, this may be nothing new. but for many, this could take a little getting used to. Is it necessary?

Researchers at Harvard have warned about the dangers of transmitting COVID-19 during sexual encounters in this new study. Basically, if you hook up with anyone who you haven't been quarantined with, wear a mask. It also says to avoid kissing and certain other sexual acts, and also stresses the importance of showering and using alcohol wipes or soap to clean up after the deed is done. Cleaning up, in general, might be very needed advice for some folks.

The study says there's even a risk when having sex with something you live with. the study goes on to say the safest kind of sex during this pandemic is no sex.

Well, this sounds like no fun.

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