You don't normally associate large reptiles such as alligators with the state of New York. However, when some keep the animals as pets and then release them into the wild is when problems like this can arise. Parks Department officials say an alligator was spotted in a lake in New York Sunday.

How did it get there?

Alligator Seen Near Lake in New York 

PIX 11 says the 4 to 5-foot-long alligator was seen in Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn. A spokesperson for the Parks Department says the animal was in "poor condition," and "very lethargic" due to the colder temperatures than what they're normally used to.

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PIX says that the animal has been taken from the lake and brought to Animal Care Centers, and then to the Bronx Zoo for rehab.

Bronx Zoo officials say the 15 pound female alligator was extremely emaciated, and should weigh around 30 to 35 pounds. WSAZ says the gator is estimated to be 5 to 6 years old, and had ingested a bathtub stopper.


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Can You Own a Gator in New York State?  

WIVB says that NY Environmental Conservation Law only allows them to be kept for research or educational purposes, with a DEC permit. Still, that doesn't stop some from keeping them in their homes. You may hear of the occasional gator sighting near local parks or even in a backyard swimming pool. Sometimes the animals are illegally trafficked to be sold on the black market.

Box of Reptiles Delivered to Lower Hudson Valley Home

With more and more people shopping from home, sometimes mistakes can happen. We've all received a wrong delivery or two. But usually, we're talking about an Amazon mix-up, or maybe your grocery order missing some key items. Sometimes your package is stolen by pirates.

How would feel if you opened a box, thinking it was clothing or maybe an electronic item, and it was really several lizards of some sort? The AP reports that that's what happened in the fall of 2022 when a box of small reptiles arrived by accident at a home in Port Chester.

They went on to say that resident who opened the box was quite startled at what they had found, not surprisingly. The National Desk says that it was not clear if there were more reptiles that were not photographed at the police station