It seems like there's been a rash of alligator sightings in places where gators don't normally belong this summer. For the second time in a week, an alligator was found in New York. Just recently, family in Long Island discovered one swimming in their backyard pool.

Now one has arrived in one of the Five Buroughs.

The NY Daily News is reporting that a 49 year-old man in Staten Island caught a three foot long gator Tuesday afternoon. Don Walters was simply out fishing for bait when he stumbled upon his special catch.

The Daily News says that Walters dragged the animal in with a fishing net and his wife later tapped its mouth shut. His wife had quite the call to 911 to inform them they had caught the intruder:

Yes I promise I’m not crazy, I’m not stoned ...not delusional. I just got off work and we just caught an alligator.

Police had a little fun with the small gator by putting shots of the gator on social media. The Walters even named him; Charlie. There is no info as of yet where the gator came from, but it is speculated that it was another pet that got too big and was let loose out into the wild.

CBS says that owning gators is illegal in the state of New York. Just last week a small juvenile gator was spotted in a lake in East Lyme, Connecticut. Their numbers seem to be increasing.

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