With more and more people shopping from home, sometimes mistakes can happen. We've all received a wrong delivery or two. But usually, we're talking about an Amazon mix-up, or maybe your grocery order missing some key items. Sometimes your package is stolen by pirates. However, when something that's actually alive and breathing gets shipped to your doorstep by mistake, then that's going to cause a bit of a stir.

How would feel if you opened a box, thinking it was clothing or maybe an electronic item, and it was really several lizards of some sort? The AP reports that that's what happened Saturday when a box of the small reptiles arrived by accident at a home in Port Chester.

The Port Chester Police Department shared a picture of the reptiles on their Facebook page.

If you lost your lizards and iguanas we have them at the PD.
A box of live reptiles were delivered to the wrong address.
Needless to say the addressee was quite startled when they opened the box.

They went on to say that resident who opened the box was quite startled at what they had found, not surprisingly. The National Desk says that it was not clear if there were more reptiles that were not photographed at the police station. Anyone missing some dark-colored lizards?


See the pic HERE.

Remember This Story From October?  

Police say some unexpected stowaways most likely hitched a ride all the way from Hawaii and arrived in New York state last October. The item, that police say a person ordered over the internet, contained an extra unpleasant surprise inside.

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WROC says that officials received a call from a residency that there was a scorpion inside the package. But while officials aren't quite sure how the scorpion got inside the box to begin with, they don't feel this was an intentional act of any sort. They believe the scorpion either simply crawled into the package, or the order that was inside the package.

WROC later reported that there were multiple scorpions in the package. The recipient's name is Paul Brenner, who is the drummer for the band, Joywave. Brenner had reportedly ordered a T-shirt and shoes from the seller, not a bunch of arachnids.

Javier Conejero
Javier Conejero

Do Scorpions Live in New York?

Scorpions are not generally found in New York, for they are cold-blooded invertebrates who prefer warmer climates. Winters in the Northeast are just too cold for them, plus there is an abundance of natural predators who'd make a scorpion an easy snack. There is a species called pseudoscorpions (or, book scorpions) that are found in New York, however. These tiny creatures belong to the class arachnid and lack the curved "tail" scorpion are known for.

Man Fights Police Over Imaginary Package

Looks like another guy was caught lying about the size of his package. Read HERE.

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