If you're not buckling up in the back seat, get ready to pay up.

According to CBS, Governor Cuomo is pushing for a new law that would require everyone in the car, including backseat passengers, to buckle up. Currently, adults over 16 do not need to wear a seatbelt if they're not traveling up front.

Why will backseat passengers need to buckle up?

The reason for the change in law is due to some terrifying statistics. Passengers not restrained in the back seat are three times as likely to die in a crash. And, because they are not in a seatbelt, those back seat bodies can become dangerous projectiles that are twice as likely to wind up killing someone else inside the car as well.

The backseat seatbelt provision is part of a larger bill that would also require students in school buses to wear seatbelts, as well as passengers in taxis, limos, Ubers and Lyfts.

What would the fines be for not following the new law?

Backseat passengers who are found to not be wearing a seatbelt would be fined $50. If someone under 16 is found to be violating the law, the driver would be responsible and could face a moving violation that would put three points on their license.

The law is expected to be voted on in March.

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