The trip to school may soon get much safer for Hudson Valley students

According to the Times Union, Governor Cuomo is expected to propose a ban on all stretch limos in New York State. The action is in response to the devastating crash that killed 20 people in Schoharie County this October.

The ban would include all remanufactured limousines in New York State.  The long, stretch limos that have become a staple at weddings and special events would essentially be banned if the proposal winds up becoming law.

An interesting provision of this proposal would also end exemptions from the seat belt law for not only limousine passengers, but also those riding in taxicabs, buses and school buses.

Currently, children in the Hudson Valley do not need to wear a seat belt on their way to and from school. Many local buses don't even give students the option of buckling themselves in. Many parents have been calling for seat belts to be installed in buses, claiming that children are at risk of serious injury if the bus were to suddenly stop or get into an accident.


The proposed changes to the law are expected to be unveiled by the governor on Tuesday afternoon.

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