So, it all started last month when I was the victim of online scammers. Or they tried to make me a victim, I should say.

The idea was that I supposedly visited porn sites, and they somehow were able to activate the webcam on my camera. And they wanted money from me to keep my secret. Well, I knew I hadn’t been to any porn sites, and didn’t even have a webcam. Or did I? I wrote an article about the whole experience.

Scamming/catfishing expert Davin Rosenblatt, who has been on our show, read the article and here’s the conversation that followed.

Robyn Taylor Discovers Her Webcam

Yikes is right! I did indeed have a webcam. And it’s covered now. Not that anybody would have seen much beyond me stuffing my face with food while I sit at my computer, but my life is my life, and I’d like to keep it that way. Thanks, Davin!

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