Have you ever been the victim of an internet scam? It actually happened to me recently. And anybody that knows me knows that I freak out. Easily and frequently. But not this time. I actually did freak out, but only for a minute. Once I realized that they had to be lying, I stopped freaking out.

Here’s how it works. The scammer somehow finds out an old but real password that you used. That alone is scary. Then, they explain some gobbly gook about how they have tapped into your webcam and watched you while you visited different porn sites and they have the video to prove it. Porn sites? Webcam? I have never visited a porn site and if I have a webcam, I am not aware of it. So I deleted the email and didn’t think about it again.

Then I received another one.

This one was from a different scammer and using a different old password. Again with the porn sites and the webcams. So, once again I deleted it. And then I read about this very scam in the news. Suddenly, I felt proud that I got not one, but two of these emails. Cool! I could talk about it on the air.

Now, you may have received one of these emails and actually have a webcam. And visited porn sites. Don’t worry, it really is just a scam. So don’t pay them a cent. Just delete the email, and go back to enjoying whatever it is that you were doing. Nobody is watching you.