We've got a bone to pick with this thief who not only stole some skeletons but also ruined a couple's very first Hudson Valley Halloween.

Sydney Pratt and her fiancé David Yacoub just moved to Beacon, New York this year. Since this was their first Halloween in a new neighborhood, the couple were excited to decorate their home and pass out candy.

After leaving the decorations up through the weekend, Yacoub woke up for work on Monday morning only to realized someone had taken the display. The couple had set up a skeleton on their porch sitting on a chair and holding a fishing pole. But to their surprise, the boney fisherman seemed to have vanished.

Thanks to the couple's Ring doorbell, Pratt was able to see exactly what had happened. Just after 1:30 am on Monday a man covered from head to toe was captured on video brazenly walking onto the couple's porch. Dressed in a hoodie, mask and gardening gloves, the thief grabbed the skeleton and fishing pole. After carefully carrying the items down the stairs he quickly snatched a cat skeleton from the front yard before disappearing into the darkness.

Yacoub filed a report with Beacon Police while Pratt decided to share the video on a neighborhood Facebook group. Hoping to warn others about the robbery, the post actually led to the stolen fishing pole. Another member of the group saw the video and realized that a pole he saw discarded near his house belonged to the couple. It was found just a few blocks away from the victims' home. The skeletons, however, are still missing.

Pratt says she's not really upset about the value of the stolen decorations, but instead insists she's "more disappointed that someone would steal the fun out of the holidays." Beacon police have the video on file and told the couple that they will pursue charges if any more incidents occur. In the meantime, anyone who has had items mysteriously disappear from their yards are encouraged to report it to authorities.

As for Sydney and David, will this incident stop them from decorating next year? "Absolutely not, we love holidays!" declared David. "We want to celebrate with the community and our family. This actually makes us want to give more to our area. I’m hoping to donate some fishing rods after this to those that want to fish."

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