A backyard gardener in the Hudson Valley is putting your planting skills to shame.

To say that Tony Scott has some big pumpkins is an understatement. The Wappingers Falls resident has a knack for growing huge vegetables, and if you don't believe him just check out his enormous trailer for proof.

Scott says he got hooked in mammoth pumpkins after being given some seeds from a friend. He put them in his yard and forgot about them. Without giving the plants any special attention they wound up yielding a pumpkin that was over 200 pounds. That's when Scott began researching huge pumpkins and decided to try and grow them as big as he could.

This year Tony and his son Zack were able to get two enormous pumpkins to grow. One is 936 pounds and the other weighs in at a whopping 1,013 pounds. Their back yard garden has become a sort of laboratory for growing enormous Franken-pumpkins. As it turns out, giant pumpkins like these didn't happen without a lot of hard work.

M. Sandwich
M. Sandwich

Besides patience, growing monster-sized pumpkins takes quite a bit of fertilizer and water. Scott says that the pumpkins drink 200 gallons of water every other day. But all of that water results in a very fast growing pumpkin. During the peak growing season, Scott says his pumpkins can gain anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds every day.

Now that the pumpkins have been taken off the vine and carefully hoisted on their trailer, you may get a glimpse of them traveling around the Hudson Valley to various fall events. And what happens when the season ends? The gardener says he'd be hesitant to turn these pumpkins into pie or any other sort of food because of the amount of fertilizer used to make them so big

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