Yankee Stadium has become known for having some of the best food in the Major Leagues and this year they're upping their game even more.

Forget peanuts and Crackerjacks, Yankees fans are now accustomed to dining on high-end menu items prepared by some of New York's best restaurants. Whether it's a steak sandwich from Lobel's, a gourmet milkshake or a NY Pinstripe Pilsner from Blue Point that's brewed exclusively for the stadium, you can't seem to go wrong.

This year, Yankee Stadium has added nine new menu offerings that will make it even harder for you to choose what to snack on during the seventh inning stretch. Here's all of them, ranked by how excited we are to try them out on opening day.

Buffalo Wild Wings
B-dubs is now officially open at Yankee Stadium for 2019. The wings are incredible, but paying a premium for the same wings you can eat at home while watching the game for free on their big screen TVs may be a little too hard to swallow for the average fan.

Avacado Bites
Bareburger in section 132 has added Avacado Bites to their menu this year. Sliced avocados are deep fried and served with a habanero sauce. It sounds like the perfect snack for your millennial nephew you promised to take to a game this year.

Shrimp Po' Boy
The Batters Eye Deck in centerfield is adding a few new items this year. Although it doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary it's nice to have a po' boy option if you happen to be craving one. The Batters Eye serves up Cajun fried shrimp topped with shaved iceberg, sliced tomato and a pickle.

Roast Beef Po' Boy
The second new po' boy being offered from The Batters Eye is a beef version. Garlic-studded roast beef is served on a bun with the same toppings as their shrimp version.

Changeup Burger
Bareburger's second new offering is what they're calling the "Impossible 2.0 burger," Fresh, organic meat is covered in American cheese, caramelized onions, dill pickles, green leaf and their special sauce. The sandwich is served on a sprout bun.

Babyback Ribs
Mighty Quinn's in section 132 has been serving up menu selections from their popular NYC restaurants for a while. This year they're adding their incredible baby back ribs to the menu. The slow-smoked baby back ribs are served glazed with MQ's own black cherry BBQ sauce. While we're very excited about trying these, they're not the most stadium-friendly food to eat while watching a game. Hopefully, they won't scrimp on the napkins.

Crispy Maple Chicken Sandwich
With so many delicious options to choose from, why get excited about a chicken sandwich? Well, this one doesn't sound like your boring old sandwich. Fried chicken is drizzled with spicy maple and topped with a white cheddar cheese spread, pickles and shoved in a butter-toasted bun. Available at The Batters Eye, The Tripple Play Stand in 205 and sections 107 & 331.

Big Mozz
A new stand has opened up in section 127 called Big Mozz and it only serves one thing: The Big Mozz. Wisconsin mozzarella cheese is coated in fresh garlic, parsley and pecorino Romano which forms a crispy crust outside the melty cheese center. We anticipate long lines for this ridiculously delicious sounding treat.

MQRib Sandwich
The most anticipated new menu item at Yankee Stadium has to be the MQRib Sandwich. A take on McDonald's McRib, Mighty Quinn's in section 132 replaces all of the processed fast-food ingredients of the original with naturally raised, slow-smoked meat and fresh toppings. The MQRib features slow-smoked baby back rib meat covered in MQ's black cherry BBQ sauce, garnished with dill pickles and white onions, served on a soft white roll.

Are you excited about heading out to the stadium this year? What's the first food new menu item you're going to try? Let us know what you're craving on our Facebook page or in the comments section below. And for a full list of the offerings at Yankee Stadium this year you can check out the full dining guide on the team's website.

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