It looks like the City of Newburgh never got any respect, even back in the city's "golden age" of the 1960s.

I've recently started binge-watching Mad Men on Netflix. Before you say it, yes; I'm well aware that I'm extremely late to the party. But for some reason, I never had a chance to see the series when it was on, and completely forgot about it until it recently showed up in my recommendations.

Those who've seen Mad Men can understand why I'm now completely obsessed with the show and have been flying through episodes every chance I get. One aspect of Mad Men that intrigues me the most is that much of it takes place here in the Hudson Valley. Early in season one, Don Draper is introduced taking Metro-North back and forth between his home and office on Madison Avenue. In one early scene, the ad man is shown reading the Poughkeepsie Journal. It was revealed later that the Drapers actually live in Ossining.

In a plotline during season 3, Betty Draper heads to a town meeting to protest the building of a water tank to replace the reservoir in Ossining. Most viewers probably don't remember the off-hand comment Betty made in that episode about moving the tank to a neighboring community. But those in the Hudson Valley surely found it somewhat amusing (or terribly disrespectful).

While discussing the controversy with her husband Betty says "They should just do it up in Newburgh, it's already disgusting."


History shows that Newburgh used to be a great city, with a very good reputation all over the country. According to the show, however, public opinion started going downhill as early as the 1960s. Luckily, Newburgh is now on the upswing, with lots of new business and revitalization happening throughout the city. I'm sure Betty and the rest of the Junior League of Ossining would be proud.

Loyal viewers can probably point to even more local references on the show. But I'm less than halfway through the series, so please hold your spoilers until I'm done. Which, if I keep watching at the pace I am now, won't be too long.

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