Police say two suspects who stole from a department store tried to make a break for it, with over one thousand dollars worth of stolen goods. The problem from them was that they didn't get too far. Now, both suspects are facing charges of grand larceny and conspiracy, according to WNYT.

State Police said they initially pursued the suspects on the New York Thruway, only to call off the chase due to safety concerns. However, this could be one of the few times where gridlocked traffic was actually beneficial to the public.

Two Alleged Suspects Nabbed in New York State After Getting Stuck in Traffic 

The New York State Police said in a press release that troopers responded to a report of a theft in progress at a Marshall’s Home Goods in Clifton Park. The incident took place early Friday afternoon, according to officials.

State Police say the two 22-year-old suspects were witnessed fleeing in a vehicle southbound on I-87. When police attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver allegedly failed to comply, and the chase was on. However, State Police said the pursuit was terminated in the town of Colonie due to public safety concerns.

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But police would not have to look too far to find the alleged thieves. Just a short time later, the same vehicle was located stuck in traffic, and both suspects were taken into custody, says authorities.

An investigation determined that the duo allegedly worked together to steal more than $1,500 worth of merchandise from Marshall’s Home Goods before fleeing. Luckily, all of the stolen items were recovered from the suspect’s vehicle, says State Police.

Both were transported for processing, issued appearance tickets, and are due back in court in late May.

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