The last thing KeyAna Zoe was expecting was to get engaged during her boyfriend's white coat ceremony, but that's exactly what happened.

Zoe was at the Paramount Theater in Middletown to attend the graduation of her boyfriend, Odolphe Augustin. As a student at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in Middletown, Augustin was excited to be a part of the school's prestigious white coat ceremony. During the event 134 first-year medical students donned their white coats for the very first time, marking the beginning of their medical education.

Augustin was the final student to be called to the stage to receive his coat when the Dean announced that a new tradition would be taking place during this year's ceremony. The last student to receive his coat would be asked to come to the stage with his entire family. Zoe walked up to the stage with her boyfriend and his immediate family, unaware that this would be a moment she would remember forever.

After putting on his coat, Augustin dropped to his knee and surprised Zoe with a marriage proposal. Speechless, she nodded "yes" and the two embraced to a thunder of applause. The ceremony ended, leaving Augustin with to huge milestones behind him and a lifetime of memories to come.

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