Brand new toys are being offered at deep discounts in all Toys R Us stores that will be closing across the country.

Last month Toys R Us announced that they would be closing 180 stores in an effort to restructure their business. The toy giant is reportedly dealing with $5 billion in debt. Like many other retailers, the chain has been struggling to stay afloat while competing with online outlets and discount chains like Wal-Mart.

The Kingston store at the Hudson Valley Mall was listed as one of the locations on the chopping block. The store will be closing in April, but before that happens all of the inventory will be sold off at deep discounts.

According to a press release by Gordon Brothers, the company responsible for holding the liquidation sale, discounts begin this week at all of the stores scheduled to close including the Kingston location.

Brand name items are being discounted by 30% and deeper discounts are expected to follow as we get closer to April. In a surprise move, the company will not only be discounting items already in stock, but will also be restocking brand new merchandise in the store to sell at the same reduced prices.

Store furniture and fixtures will also be made available for sale as the stores get closer to completely closing down this spring.

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