It's officially Stroopwafel season in the Hudson Valley, but you better be quick about tracking down these elusive treats.

Around this time every year fans of a particular treat wait patiently for its return. And when it finally hits the shelves, fans of the dessert pounce before it disappears until next year. Of course, we're talking about the Stroopwafel.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this elusive dessert, the Stroopwafel is a Dutch treat that dates back to the late 18th century. The name translates to "syrup waffle" and consists of two thin waffle-like layers joined together by a sticky, caramel filling.

A. Boris

You may have seen them in stores from time to time, but in November the Stroopwafel takes center stage at one particular Hudson Valley business that can't seem to keep them in stock for long.

Aldi's is famous for the yearly release of their Stroopwafel.  Sold for the bargain price of $2.49, the box comes filled with eight of these sweet and sticky treats. As far as I'm concerned, this is an absolute unbelievable value. The Aldi Stroopwafel is preferred by connoisseurs who know that this particular version of the Dutch dessert is on an entirely different level than any other brands you can find in the store.

The doughy waffles are soft and fresh while the dense caramel filling is thick and extra sticky; just the way it should be.

Of course, the only proper way to eat a Stroopwafel is to make a hot cup of tea and carefully place the treat right on top of the cup. As the steam rises, it warms the caramel inside and moistens the waffle. There's honestly nothing quite like it.

A. Boris

So if you want to load up on this limited-edition treat, you better get to Aldi's soon. This Stroopwafel fan picked up three of the remaining six boxes at the Poughkeepsie store, and there's no word when (or if) any more will come in.

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