A flag that contains a white supremacist slogan will no longer be flying over West Point.

ESPN reports that Army Football has removed a slogan from their flag and merchandise that was taken from white supremacist propaganda. The letters GFBD appear in the teeth of a skull and crossbones logo adopted by the team. The letters are an acronym for the phrase, "God forgives, brothers don't."

Officials at West Point were "embarrassed" to learn that the phrase was actually lifted from white supremacist groups and Aryan motorcycle gangs. The team began using the slogan in the 1990s after some of the players saw a film Stone Cold featuring former NFL player, Brian Bosworth. In the film, a biker gang called "The Brotherhood" is being investigated by Bosworth neo-nazi activity. The gang burns crosses and displays nazi propaganda. The white supremacist group uses the slogan throughout the film.

The slogan fell out of use for a few years before being brought back after a flag with the letters GFBD was discovered in a closet. According to West Point officials, the player who originally turned the phrase into the team's slogan says he was unaware that it was used by neo-nazis. Other people associated with the decision to adopt the slogan also claim they didn't know it was connected to white supremacy.

During their investigation, ESPN was strongly discouraged from disclosing the meaning of the letters GFBD to the public. The slogan was being used on the team's flag, merchandise and was even engraved in rings given to players. When asked why they didn't want it disclosed to the public, the West Point athletic department said that they didn't want any issues to arise because the phrase mentions God. ESPN says officials believed it would cause an issue with the school's policy of separation between church and state.

After learning of the phrase's origins, West Point Athletics has removed it from all merchandise. Officials say that the team is now working on a replacement slogan.

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