As we experience yet another Hudson Valley winter, I can’t help but think back to a time when I didn’t hate winter so much. When I was a teenager growing up in New Windsor, I was actually excited by the thought of snow. Snow meant that school might be canceled. And even better than that, it meant we could get all of our friends together for some first class tobogganing. And we had the best tobogganing hill ever.

It was the hill at the old Epiphany School at the corner of Route 32 and Temple Hill Road in New Windsor. There would be dozens of people on sleds and toboggans screaming and yelling and not caring one bit that we were cold and soaking wet. In fact, being cold was actually a good thing when you had to drag your toboggan back up that massive hill because it sure worked up a sweat. And after a couple of hours when we couldn’t move another muscle, we’d head to the Vails Gate Diner for some hot chocolate with whipped cream. And french fries. Well done, please.

Nowadays, you can’t toboggan at Epiphany Hill. In fact, there is no Epiphany Hill anymore. It’s now a housing development and it has been for years. But I sure am thankful for those days and those memories. Did you grow up in the Hudson Valley? Where was your favorite spot for sledding?

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