Some say her excessive chain smoking is making them sick. And the Coronavirus lockdown has neighbors in one Yorkville apartment spending all their time at home around the smoke. Now, neighbors in this complex have had enough. Put down the butts!

The NY Post is reporting that building landlords J & P Realty LLC filed a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit against a tenant, as they claim her nonstop smoking is fouling up the building with secondhand smoke. Another woman in the complex says the smoke caused her to become "violently ill". The suit says they passed a no smoking rule in March.

The current Coronavirus Pandemic has forced many of the Buildings’ tenants to be home twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The court papers allege that this one particular woman on the fourth floor's smoking. "has led to a permanent odor of secondhand smoke within the hallway outside Apartment 5-C and often spreads to the floor below and surrounding areas."

The other woman claims that the smoking has caused a burning in her sinuses and lungs, and that she has to wear a scarf and mask indoors. And of course, since the lungs are the part of the body that are effected most by COVID-19, the excess smoke could be deadly for some.

The woman who became ill says the smoke has always been around to some extent, but now it's worse than ever, and it's constant.

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