There's a way to settle work disputes and then you have stuff like this. This is not how you resolve a dispute with a coworker, or anyone for that matter.

WNYT says an Albany County employee shot his coworker in the arm with a nail gun. The sheriff's office told the WNYT that the incident happened at the County Department of Public Works. Now why would he do such a thing? What happened to contacting a supervisor?

A Colonie man has been arrested and charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon, according to police. The shooter even allegedly threatened the victim with more nails to other parts of the anatomy. One can only imagine where else he was planning on plugging this person up? Yikes.

There is no word how the dispute began, and just exactly how on Earth a railgun was involved. WNYT says the victim underwent surgery and is expected to be okay. It is safe to say though that HR probably won't be too thrilled with this wannabe Tim "The Toolman" and his handy work. Maybe next time just settle your differences over beers after work?

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