This seems to be becoming a sad trend. It was a wild day for one New York state man, who allegedly committed multiple crimes in the span of just a few hours. But he saved the best for last, according to reports.

Man Arrested Four Times In One Day 

Police say the 29-year-old suspect entered a parked Fire Department Rescue truck and drove off late Thursday morning, leading authorities on a  chase that saw the man hit two other vehicles as he entered oncoming traffic.

WKTV says the chase ended up on the New York State Thruway, where the suspect eventually got the alleged stolen truck stuck in the mud. From there, police say the fleeing bandit tried to run on foot towards a nearby Walmart but was caught.

Here's what's crazy though; Utica Police say the same man had been arrested three previous times Thursday morning alone. Now, he sits in a local jail, where he is facing numerous criminal charges.

If this scenario sounds sort of familiar, then it should.

Recently, another New York man went on a crime spree that spanned 36 hours, resulting in three arrests.

The Post says that the suspect's crime spree began the evening of November 21, when he allegedly stole a 12-pack of Coors Light from a local bodega. According to sources, he was soon released with just a ticket.

Not much later, the very same suspect allegedly stole a woman's purse by knifepoint on the subway, according to FOX. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office told Fox that while prosecutors wanted cash bail, a judge let him go on supervised release.

But by the next morning, police say he was back at it again, as he went and stole an iPhone from another woman on the subway.

In another story closer to home, police say an Ulster County man was arrested three times in just 12 hours back in March 2021. The suspect even managed to get arrested twice by the same state trooper that particular day. How in the world does that happen?

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