Ulster County

Ulster County is located on the western side of the Hudson River in New York State. Ulster County got its name from the Irish providence, Ulster. Ulster County is rich in history. In 1692, some of the first settlers arrived in the area we now refer to as New Paltz. There are six in tact homes from these original settlers, the Huguenots, that you can still tour and visit today. Moving north of New Paltz is Kingston, also known as the first capital of New York State. Kingston gained the title in 1777 and lost it in that same year after British forces set fire to each home and building in the area.

Presently, Ulster County is known for having scenic hiking trails, rich wineries and orchards, and quaint towns. The county has grown as a popular vacation destination for many due to the landscapes of the Shawangunk Mountains, Catskill Park, and the Walkway Over the Hudson. SUNY New Paltz, located just down the road from Historic Huguenot Street, has garnered national attention for being a cost-effective, academically strong university. Woodstock is another charming hallmark of Ulster County filled with vibrant art and music history. But contrary to popular belief, Ulster County was not home to the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. The festival itself was held at Bethel Woods, located in Sullivan County. Some other notable cities and towns in Ulster County include Saugerties, Phoenicia, Rosendale, Stone Ridge, and Walkill.

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