In one of the stranger fads to hit the country in a while, people are still freaking out about chicken sandwiches. In this case, Popeye's chicken sandwich. The spicy sandwiches first hit the fast food chain in August, only to sell out after overwhelming demand. Some were even willing to pay upwards to $1,000 dollars for one of these.

After a huge outcry, the sandwiches returned to select stores in early November. But has America lost its mind over a greasy piece of fried chicken? Some stories have recently emerged of robberies, fights, and even a murder all over these blasted chicken sandwiches.

This particular story wasn't the fault of the consumer though. In this case, the customer is claiming that he found a half-smoked marijuana joint in his sandwich. The 23 year-old Manhattan man told the New York Post he was at the Popeye's on West 14th Street, when the incident happened.

I ate the spicy one first, and it was fine. I was taking my last couple of bites from the second sandwich when it (the roach) fell out and into my lap. It was 100 percent marijuana. I saved the evidence.

The man told the Post he's emailed Popeye's, and sent them a picture of receipt and the roach, but they never responded. That is when he took his issue to social media.

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