People make a big deal about these chicken sandwiches. It was all we heard two years ago. First, it was Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. Then, Wendy's, Burger King, and KFC followed suit. Who does the it best? The chicken sandwich wars had officially begun. Is this what America really needs, as many of us are already breaking bathroom scales into a million pieces? Apparently so.

Now, the thought of chicken sandwiches served at fast food establishments may not sound like that huge of a deal to some. It's just a fillet, pickles, some sauce, and a buttered bun, right? But these chicken wars kind of harken back to the old soda wars of the 1980s. It's all about branding. And it's brought huge profits to Popeyes and Chick-fil-A in particular since 2019. And now, with the continued growth of social media, the profits will only get bigger. People just love to post pics of themselves eating, for better or worse.

Now, fast forward to 2021. It was just a matter of time before McDonald's got involved. Are you ready Hudson Valley?

QSR Magazine is reporting that Mickey D's will be rolling out three new chicken sandwiches starting February 24. Ronald McDonald and his cronies will introduce the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and the Deluxe Chicken Sandwich to restaurants across the country, including all McDonald's here in the Hudson Valley. McDonald's has already brought the new items to some test markets over the past year, so there's probably already some reviews out there on various blogs and YouTube channels.

So what makes these sandwiches any different than all the other damn chicken sandwiches out there. The advertising team from McDonald's promises America a "thicker and juicier" (huh huh) chicken fillet.

To keep up during these tough times for restaurants everywhere, places like McDonald's have been adding and bringing back a lot of items to their menus this past year. In September 2020, it was the spicy chicken nuggets. In October, they added new items to their McCafé menu for the first time in eight years. And of course, the McRib returned to McDonald's nationwide in December.

Will these be a hit? The only way to know is try the new chicken sandwiches when they arrive next month. By that point, you will have quit your New Year's diet resolutions and will be ready to order all three new sandwiches at once. Then, flatten them and shove them all into your mouth as you gorge this past year's worth of troubles away like you just don't care. You've earned it.

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