The obesity epidemic across the United States isn't getting better. According to WalletHub, the country spends over $200 billion in annual health care costs related to obesity. So where are the country's biggest states, and where exactly does New York rank among them?

WalletHub has once again released their annual obesity number,. and the results are quite staggering. The website used three key dimensions:

 1) Obesity & Overweight Prevalence, 2) Health Consequences and 3) Food & Fitness.

Each dimension of research was then evaluated using twenty nine different metrics. WalletHub graded each metric using a 100 point scale. So where is New York? Number 40. Not too bad, compared to other states - though last year, New York was 44th.

Like the rest of the country, New Yorkers continue to get bigger.According to state health records, twenty five percent of residents in the New York are now considered obese. Here's the fattest states in America:

  1. Mississippi
  2. West Virginia
  3. Kentucky
  4. Tennesse
  5. Alabama 

24) Pennsylvania. 29) New Jersey. 48) Connecticut 49) Massachusetts

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