Judas Priest are headed to the MVP Arena in Albany on Tuesday May 21st. With special guest Sabaton, this will be a show you won't want to miss, and we have your chance to win a pair of tickets!


Legendary heavy metal band Judas Priest are one of the pioneers of the heavy metal genre and have had a significant influence on its development over the years.

Known for their powerful vocals, dual guitar harmonies, and driving rhythms, they are credited with popularizing the "leather and studs" look commonly associated with heavy metal culture. The band's sound is characterized by aggressive guitar riffs, melodic solos, and Halford's operatic vocal style.

Throughout their career, Judas Priest has released numerous critically acclaimed albums, including classics like "British Steel," "Screaming for Vengeance," and "Painkiller." Their songs often explore themes of rebellion, freedom, and personal empowerment, resonating with fans around the world.

Tickets for this show are on sale now on Ticketmaster, but if you enter below you could win yourself a pair for free! Before the show we'll contact you if you're a winner.