Just how much do some people love Chick-fil-A? How far would they go to get some? We know Chick-fil-A doesn't have a lot of nearby locations in New York. Just about all of them are either in New York City, or Long Island. And yeah, we still don't have one in the Hudson Valley.

So when a college cross country team from Troy wanted Chick-fil-A, but didn't feel like driving an hour and a half south, they had to think of something. NYupsate.com reports that the runners from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Now, there is one at Albany International Airport, but you need to get past the security checkpoint.

This is where they took matters into their own hands. it was going to involve some teamwork.

The eighteen member team decided to throw in about 5 dollars each to buy a $98 ticket to Fort Lauderdale. FL. Team captain Vincent Putrino bought the ticket with the money, went threw AI security, and then picked up lunch for his teammates. NYupsate says the full meal included 15 chicken sandwiches, 13 orders of chicken nuggets and 15 large fries, cost $227.28.

Add in the plane ticket, and it ended up costing each teammate around 18 dollars. Some might say it was money well spent. Guess w'll have to keep wondering in the Hudson Valley.

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