After local homeowners were sued for $250,000 over a ruined wedding, a local lawyer weighs in on who she thinks will win the court case.

We told you earlier this week about the Hudson Valley homeowners who were accused of ruining a couple's dream wedding by canceling their Airbnb reservation with very little notice. According to a lawsuit, the homeowners are accused of reneging on a deal to allow the couple to have their wedding ceremony in their swanky Hopewell Junction home.

The house usually rents for $1,000 per night, but the couple says they explained their plans to the homeowners and agreed to pay an extra $500 to have their wedding take place on the home's spacious outdoor deck. The homeowners claim they didn't know they were hosting a wedding and the ceremony is a clear violation of their rental rules which clearly prohibit parties or events.

Attorney Jonna Spilbor discusses how the emails between the couple could be the most important piece of evidence when deciding if the homeowners truly are at fault. Spilbor also talks about the likelihood of the newlyweds being able to claim $250,000 for their "emotional harm."

We want to know what you think. Do the bride and groom have a case? Or do you think the homeowners were within their right to cancel the ceremony?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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