Come on, there's' no shame in trying it. You deserve to be happy and maybe you can meet your special person online or via a dating app. There are a few things that you need to be aware of so you do not get hurt or scammed while you are searching for your 'forever human.'

A while back the Ulster County District Attorney's Office released a few tips this to help all of us minimize the possibility of internet dating scams. Good advice and great reminders for all of us.

Here's the key things to remember so you don't get scammed on a dating app or site:


Here are a few suggestions according to the Ulster County District Attorney's office, and me:

  • Make sure to start your dating journey with a reputable dating app or site. Don't rely on the free chat rooms or free dating sites. There are sites that are free for women and charge men.
  • If something seems fishy in the conversation with this person, or they just seem to not remember anything that you told them previously? Go on to the next person.
  • Do not go out with any person who asks you for money, at any time. There is not reason that you should give anyone any money. If you want to split the cost of the first date or treat the person, that's ok, but don't in any way shape or form, feel pressured into doing so.

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What if this person wants to get to know you off the dating site immediately and you haven't met face-to-face yet?

Photo by on Unsplash
Photo by on Unsplash
  • Do not give out any of your personal information. This includes your home address, phone numbers, etc. If you want to use a phone and message app, like Google voice/text, or a burner phone, then you can attempt to communicate that way. But never give out your personal info unless you know for sure.
  • Do you only see one photograph on their profile? That should be a bit of a red flag. In this day and age, people probably have at least 10 photos of themselves on their cell phone. Don't be shy, ask for more photos (with their clothes on). If this is a 'fake' person, they won't be able to give you a second or third photo, or it will take time for them to photoshop the borrowed face onto another person.

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Ultimately, don't be afraid to 'go with your gut'. If something about the whole situation just seems 'off', it probably is. Have you ever tried internet dating? Do you have a few tips that you would like to share? Please feel free to share them. You might help keep someone else from either heartbreak or from being scammed.

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