Are you getting married this year? Congratulations! What an exciting time in your life. Have you made sure to do everything that you need to do before you get married?

Yes, there are things like rings, honeymoons and the actual ceremony, but what about the legal aspects of joining two people together?

Why should you sit down with a lawyer before you get married?

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Does meeting with a lawyer before you get married put you in a weird spot? The one where you think you are saying "This is working now, but when it doesn't quite work anymore...." On the contrary, it doesn't mean that. It just means that you are prepared and you have taken the time to get everything in order or if necessary, in writing before the ceremony.

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Other than a prenuptial agreement, what can a lawyer help you with before you get married?


Having an appointment with a lawyer before you get married will give you an opportunity to get a prenup in place, but it will also give insight as to how things will change when you do become a married couple, how your estate will change, do you need a will. All of these scenarios can be gone over with the lawyer. While each couple's situation is different, it won't hurt to get that legal conversation over with.

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Congratulations again! Where are you getting married? What's your theme?

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