New Yorkers sure do love dogs. From taking our dogs out to dinner with us to taking them along with us on lavish vacations, our furry friends are pretty spoiled in New York.

Dogs and Weddings

One of the most recent dog-owner trends is giving our pups a job during wedding ceremonies. Your siblings and cousins get to be there, so how could you possibly leave out one of the most beloved members of the family?

We've seen dogs as ringbearers, flower dogs, and even dogs used as wedding bouquets held by the bride as she makes her grand entrance.

But did you know there's a bigger role your dog can play in your wedding ceremony in New York?

Can Dogs Officiate Weddings in New York?

There are a few states that allow your dog to be your wedding officiant according to Courtley.

Those states include:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Maine
  • Washington D.C.
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Nevada
  • Wisconsin
  • Colorado

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Unfortunately for some, New York State has a set of required criteria on who can officiate your wedding. Any human being can meet this criteria by applying for a one-day officiant license or going online and getting ordained, but dogs are not allowed to officiate weddings in New York.

What Jobs Can Dogs Have at Weddings in New York?

Outside of the ring bearer/flower dog position, your pup can serve as a legal witness to your marriage. In fact, it's not even just dogs! Your cat, horse, rabbit, or anything that can provide a pawprint (or hoof-print...any print really) on a piece of paper is eligible.

Now, there are some points to clarify here. In some states, specifically ones that don't require any witnesses, pets can be the sole witness.

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However, New York State does require a minimum of 1 witness who, "you feel would be competent to testify in a court proceeding as to what he or she witnessed," according to the NYS Dept. of Health.

So unless you've found a way to teach your dog to speak, you will need at least one human witness. But, your pet is allowed to serve as the secondary witness, so long as they sign their name with a paw print.

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