We're pretty sure its the only spot in Dutchess County that has it.

Who doesn't love Jaws? The 1975 Steven Spielberg classic starring Roy Scheider as police chief Martin Brody, who, with the help of a marine biologist played by Richard Dreyfuss, and a professional shark hunter (played by actor Robert Shaw), hunts a man-eating great white shark that attacks beachgoers at a summer resort town.

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We reported back in February the arrival of Jaws Pinball in the Hudson Valley. The machine created and built by Stern Pinball was a new addition the Rock Fantasy rock shop and pinball room in Middletown, NY (Orange County). At the time, it was believed to be the only one around and available to play in the Hudson Valley area. Now a second machine has popped up across the river in Dutchess County.

# 1 Dive Bar in Hudson Valley Adds to Shark Theme

Photo credit: Dawn Weber, Hopewell Inn
Photo credit: Dawn Weber, Hopewell Inn

The Hopewell Inn was named number 1 dive bar in the Hudson Valley back in 2023.  Hopewell Inn is the oldest bar in Dutchess County dating back to the late 1800s. There's been many a fun night for me spent at this bar over the years, checking out some live music back in the day including seeing SATO do their Ozzy tribute there.

The bar nowadays has an outdoor beach area with actual sand and a tiki bar atmosphere that is very popular with customers ready for summer fun. Hopewell Inn recently made the list of best burgers in the Hudson Valley and they also just started up Thursday night bike nights for the summer season.

Last year the popular bar was the spot of Bandana Cabana radio promotions all summer, and the owners brought in a new shark mascot that would be named "Fin". Hudson Valley locals were loving the new attraction and continue to do so today.

Jaws Pinball Arrives at Hopewell Inn

Pinball lovers in the Dutchess County area can now play Jaws pinball at the Hopewell Inn! Owner Dawn Weber of the Hopewell Inn recently took to social media to announce that the Jaws pinball machine had arrived at the bar and invited everyone out to come play.

The long awaited JAWS Pinball is at The Hopewell Inn
Come play & stay


Get on over to the Hopewell In for some summer fun! Hopewell Inn is located at 488 NY-376 in Hopewell Junction, NY.

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