If you haven't been able to sleep at night, you're not alone.

Social media groups throughout the Hudson Valley have been filled with complaints from residents about an unusual amount of illegal fireworks being set off this year. With still a week and a half until the Fourth of July, many are wondering why the fireworks are going off so early and so often this year.

Cities like Poughkeepsie, Beacon and Newburgh have apparently been exploding in noise at all hours of the evening, driving residents and their pets crazy. And it looks like this isn't just a Hudson Valley problem. The New York Times says New York City plans to crack down on the fireworks, which have been more of a nuisance this year. The problem is partly due to the type of fireworks that are suddenly being set off. Reports say that the explosions are more akin to what one would expect from a professional display, not your usual bottle rockets or firecrackers.

In New York State, the sale of non-exploding fireworks is legal. That means any loud bangs or booms you hear at night did not come from those roadside tents that you see popping up this time of year. Instead, those exploding fireworks are actually from illegal sources, most likely smuggled in from neighboring states where their sale is legal.

After being cooped up inside for three months, many people believe the increase in fireworks is simply due to people letting off a little steam. However, the rise in professional-type explosives has been baffling law enforcement. Some have suggested that these mega fireworks have illegally made their way to residents on the black market from suppliers who now find themselves with extra inventory now that so many municipal firework displays have been canceled this year.

Whatever the reason, if you're finding yourself getting less sleep this week due to those loud bangs and crackles at least you know you're not alone.

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