If you were tricked into watching the graphic scene from Love on Netflix, you may be wondering how to get the movie off of your home screen.

A new TikTok challenge has made a graphically pornographic film one of the top trending movies on Netflix. The movie Love is a foreign art film from 2015 that has been streaming for months, but now is suddenly trending on Netflix thanks to people tricking their friends into watching its sexually graphic first scene.

Participants in the Love challenge are told to watch the first scene of the movie and film their reaction. While we didn't film ourselves, my wife and I clicked on the trending movie last night and watched. Boy, do I wish I had a camera pointed at my face.

The movie opens with an extremely graphic un-simulated sex scene. And when I say graphic I mean it. The film's actors actually performed sexual acts with each other and everything (yes, everything) was on display. While I know this is supposed to be an art film, it was just as graphic as anything you'd expect to see on YouPorn.

With our jaws dropped to the ground wondering just how this was allowed to be streaming on Netflix, our next thought was, "Dear God, what if our son clicks on this movie by mistake?" After making sure to watch the scene to completion (and yes, the scene did have a happy ending) we soon realized the film was actually pretty boring from there on in and turned it off.

While looking for something else to watch we were mortified to see the film now prominently displayed on our home page. We soon realized that Netflix had thoughtfully put Love's sexually charged thumbnail under our "Continue Watching" queue to remind us to jump back in and catch the rest of the action.

Horror sunk in as we pictured our son just one click away from this movie the next time he decides to fire up an episode of Fuller House.  While Netflix does allow you to create profiles for other family members and lock certain profiles, it's not something that many parents do, especially if they are always home monitoring their kid's television viewing. Not wanting to completely lock down our account, I quickly searched for another option.

Watching the movie all the way through may remove it from "Continue Watching" but the thought of the film randomly reappearing months later in my "Watch Again" queue at the worst possible moment was just as terrifying. So I jumped on my desktop computer and surfed over to the Netflix website to investigate their settings in an attempt to see if there was anything I could do.

It turns out that Netflix has already anticipated situations like this and has an easy fix for removing any film from your homepage. Just hover on your profile thumbnail on the top right of the screen and choose "manage profiles." You'll be directed to a page that will allow you to customize your profile's maturity settings. The only problem with this is that Love isn't rated NC-17, it's actually TV-MA.  That's right, this full-on porn movie has the same rating as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

Luckily, Netflix also has the option of blocking individual movie titles. After clicking "edit" under maturity settings you'll have the option of entering specific movies to restrict from your homepage. Just type "Love" into the box and, because there are several shows and movies of the same name, make sure to select the 2015 film. After blocking the title, the movie will no longer appear anywhere on your page.

So, if you were tricked into taking the Love challenge, don't worry. The next time your parents come to visit you won't have to risk explaining what that movie in your queue is while sitting down to watch an episode of The Floor is Lava.

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