We've already had Pizza Rat, and then Taco Squirrel and Egg Roll Squirrel. But in these troubled times, comes another critter ready to make a snack out of our discarded fast food. Hey, at least this has nothing to do with Coronavirus.

Meet McMuffin Rat. These hungry creatures around New York City will grab just about anything they can. This particular video of a rat carrying a McDonald's Egg McMuffin down the subway stairs was posted on Twitter earlier in the week. Now, the rodent has become a viral hit.

Also, one has to marvel just how big the rats can get in New York. Maybe it's all the Chipotle? 

One onlooker can be heard asking, "What is he carrying?'. Another says, "He deserves it!". All All we can say is we hope this fella enjoyed his meal. He (or her) seems to have better peace of mind than a lot of their human counterparts these days.

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