The Big Apple is known for having rats, and according to the residents in one neighborhood...they're getting huge. And it all may be in large part to one particular fast food establishment.

On average, I see four or five rats going back and forth from the garbage to the building next door under construction. With a constant source of food, I wonder how big the rat community has grown!

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle says that the Chipotle on Montague Street puts the garbage out on the curb every evening around 6 p.m. This gives the rats plenty of time to chow down on all the chips, half eaten burritos, and thrown out tacos that get tossed out. .

Some neighbors say that the rats have not only grown huge, they're getting a bit aggressive.

Chipotle (who continues to have some of the worst luck when it comes to P.R. issues) says the trash is coming from a nearby apartment construction project.