Must be another slow news day.

The internet will make a story out of just about anything. Today's offering comes from this image that's being shared all over the internet of a squirrel eating  taco in a tree.

The NY Daily News says that the animal was photographed by a Reddit user in Brooklyn. The caption under the posted pic reads: "A squirrel nibbling on a taco shell is surprisingly loud."

It's also worth noting the hungry squirrel was attempting to consume something nearly the size of its own body.

Critters like this probably steal human food everyday, especially in big cities like New York. You may remember Pizza Rat. The rat seen carrying a slice of pizza in the East Village became an internet sensation in 2015.

The rat even inspired merchandise such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, and stuffed animals. A Staten Island minor league baseball club even considered changing their team name to the Pizza Rats.

Could this same rise to stardom be ahead for Taco Squirrel? What a world we live in.