An actor and screenwriter in Dutchess County is helping families pass the time with improv.

Eric Saiet has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows throughout the years including Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Home Improvement, Scrubs and Groundhog Day. While you may not necessarily remember his face, Saiet's years of experience as a screenwriter and actor has led him to teach improv classes for kids at Compass Arts in Beacon.

While hunkered down at home with his family, Saiet has been sharing improv games that families can play at home. With the help of his wife Faye and kids Enzo and Cosima, Saiet shows how much fun you can have by just using your imagination.

The Compass Arts instructor recently caught the attention of Eyewitness News for his fun approach to chasing away boredom. He told ABC, "Parents have a lot right now, juggling working from home, doing a million things, and trying to stay connected to their children. Improv is a great life skill for that."

Saiet has several videos now posted on his Facebook page. His latest is a game called "Gibberish Expert" where one person is an "expert" but they don't speak in a language that anyone can understand. Another family member serves as the "translator" while everyone else asks the "expert" questions.

You can see more of these fun family improv ideas on Eric Saiet's Facebook page.

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