The proposal of a gun range behind locked gates in Port Jervis is stirring up controversy.

I remember when New Hope Farms in Port Jervis would hold concerts in the summertime years ago. I recall seeing the band America perform there in 2001, also saw Hall & Oates there back in 1998.

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New Hope Farms was an Equestrian Park located in Port Jervis, New York. It was taken over by New Century Film in 2017, which is a venue that creates different kinds of family-friendly events and activities according to its website. New Century Film recently held a music festival called America the Beautiful Festival on the grounds over July 4th weekend and they have an event called the Moon Festival scheduled for September which is reportedly the largest multi-cultural event in the Tri-state region and an annual event that drew over 15,000 people in 2022.

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A planning board meeting was held back on June 28 with the discussion of New Hope Farms (now known as New Century Film) "wanting to build a 500 seat restaurant, a wastewater treatment center, a 4 story parking garage, a 10 lane underground gun range and much more behind locked gates on a floodplain" according to a recent Facebook group posting.

The posting also states that there hasn't been one inspection done on the buildings on the grounds in over a year, despite multiple building permits being given.

Screenshot from Facebook Group
Screenshot from Facebook Group

Check out the documents on the proposal being put in place here. What are your thoughts on the project being proposed at the former New Hope Farms site? Do you have any concerns about it?

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