A Facebook announcement is signaling that summer is really on the way.

The Hudson Valley is known for having some of the best little ice cream stands in the country. Seasonally operated, these businesses close down all winter, leaving customers longing for shakes, cones and sundaes.

There's nothing quite like the opening day of your favorite ice cream stand. Getting that first taste of ice cream of the season is something people who live in warmer climates can never truly understand. For that reason, Hudson Valley residents rejoice whenever the local ice cream stand opens their window for the summer.

On March 1, Joe's Dairy Bar in Hopewell Junction got an early start on the season by opening their legendary ice cream stand for 2019. Since then other ice cream stands have slowly begun to open their doors. One of the most anticipated announcements came this week from the Village Creamery in Wappingers Falls.

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A staple in the yearly Battle of the Best ice cream competition, the Village Creamery serves fresh, no-nonsense ice cream out of their window in the Village of Wappingers. Burgers, fries and other food is also offered on the Creamery's large menu.

A Facebook posting from the Village Creamery announced this week that they are planning to open on April 11. There is no set opening or closing date for the Creamery each year. Instead, the dates are usually dictated by the weather.

Has your favorite ice cream stand opened for the year yet? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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